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Welcome to the reinvention of the professional hairdryer with the iQ Perfetto, the lightest and more performant hairdryer in the market. A groundbreaking ultralight, compact, minimalist and disruptive hairdryer that promises to start a new era in the hairdryer industry. The iQ Perfetto is the product hairstylists and consumers have always wanted, the perfect balance between an elegant, modern design and professional performance.

The IQ promises to deliver performance as well as the best of Italian design.

The hairdryer is equipped with an intelligent brushless motor, fitted out with a digital control technology interface that increases the hairdryers performance- allowing to dry hair 30% faster than any other dryer in the market- as well as incrementing the motors useful lifecycle by 3. It possesses motor speed of 110.000rpm, 2000Watt power and 650mmH2O pressure, accompanied by just 76.5 dB of noise.

It is the lightest hairdryer in the world, weighing just 294gs. / 0.65 lbs. Its ergonomic, compact design and minimum weight make it the perfect tool for professionals, designed to prevent the arm muscle damage that comes from the extensive professional hairdryer use. Innovatively and elegantly designed: with sleek lines, in a unique, ultra-chic ice colour and extremely compact, the iQ is half the size of a conventional dryer.

Enjoy the multiple benefits of its state-of-the-art hair-care technology with Oxy Active Technology. The iQ emits active Oxygen that acts like a potent anti-bacterial while also sealing the hair cuticles and allowing a longer duration of colour treatments. The end-result is healthy, shiny, elastic hair with a deep cleansing of the scalp. Its innovative micro-filter prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles into the motor, promoting your hairs cleanliness and health and extending the useful lifecycle of the engine. Its ingenious design also prevents the hair from getting clogged in the back coil of the dryer.

A hi-tech Auto-Diagnosis System, allows you to easily identify and tackle any possible operating problems. While the Auto-Clean Technology makes the motors turbine spin in the opposite direction, allowing the hairdryer to deep clean its filter. Furthermore, the iQ is equipped with the Venturi Effect, a special airflow outlet designed to multiply the airflow dispensed by the motor via a vacuum effect, without using extra power. It also comes equipped with Memory Function technology, a practical speed and temperature memorization system which recalls previously chosen settings among its possible 12 configurations, managed easily using the LED display.

The dryer possesses a 3-meter long cable, one diffuser and two nozzles- with innovative hooks for easy coupling and unique stability - and 3 speeds and 3 temperatures and cool shot, for a total of 12 possible combinations.




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