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With the new generation Li + Pro2, MOSER presents an innovative range of devices for the hair salon market. As a successor to previous Li + Pro batteries, the new, premium range consists of high quality Li + Pro² trimmer and trimmer mini contour Li + Pro², featuring futuristic design, new matte surface and optimized features. Especially the Moser Li + Pro2's built-in smart screen sets new standards because it makes the device much easier to operate. Allows users to monitor: battery level, speed of use, oiling and cleaning needs.

Both devices have three different speeds and can therefore be adapted to the particular needs of customers and hair. Lower speeds, for example, are particularly quiet ideal for sensitive customers, while the high performance of standard setting or the added power of high speeds allow perfect cutting results even on the most unruly hair. In addition, the metallic color of the housing gives the device the elegance that suits it. Handling them is very easy thanks to a balanced weight distribution. The Li + Pro2 series is made in Germany with lithium ion technology (no memory effect). The autonomy time of both devices is impressive as the haircut lasts up to 160 min and the trimmer 90 min.
Thanks to the processor-controlled motor, the cutting power remains constant even when the battery power is running low. Another advantage is the fast charge mode, which only takes 80 minutes (or 30 minutes for the trimmer).

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