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Since the end of March our company has been the only official and authorized distributor of the brand ERMILA in the Greek market. This name is as well known as WAHL and MOSER in the hairdressing industry, and of course both the production of these professional tools in Germany and the specialization in trimmers and hair clippers in barber shops and hair salons guarantee excellent hands-on results for the professional.

In terms of men's treatment the spearhead in the brand ERMILA can only be the T-NANO ERMILA trimmer (Power & Rechargeable) which frames the Moser T-CUT trimmer clearly and successfully with a very pluralistic way. an unbeatable twin on deep cleaning and perfect styling in modern haircut!

FASHION - FASHION - FASHION & ART-ART-ART are the results of the ERMILA collection in both women's and men's haircut and hair styling.

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